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PRACTICAL INFO : Opening times :
Tuesdays from 2pm to 7pm
Wednesdays from 10am to 6pm
Thursdays from 2pm to 5pm
Fridays & Saturdays 10am to 1pm, 2 .30pm to 6pm

You have to join in order to borrow.

  • If you have a postal address in the area (where you usually live) you can join for a year.

You can choose the borrowing books option which is 6€, or comprehensive option to take out books, DVDs and CD-Roms at 12€.

For children  6€ for the comprehensive option, and free for printed matter.

When you join you will be issued with library card.

In order to receive your card, you will need to bring current ID with you, recent proof of address (less the 3 months old) and for children, a letter of consent from the parents.

  • If you are passing through Jonzac, you can sign up for temporary membership. You will receive a personal library card in your name, which is valid for 2 months.You can borrow printed matter for 6€, and there is a refundable deposit of 50€ (this will be returned to you at the end of your stay, when you return your library card.) This is free for children, and the same deposit is required.


You are welcome to take part in the writing workshops, public readings and meetings with authors. These are regularly held events, open to all.

Saturday 13 March and 24 April + Wednesday 24 March and 14th April at 11am.

Free registration in the children's section. 15 children max. The children's area is in the passage des carmes. Chosen reading matter : « l'heure des histoires »

Passion Chocolat : Exhibition from the 11 March to the 25 March, Workshop on Saturday 20 March from 2.30pm to 5pm. Free entry.  A chocolate maker will explain how to make chocolate. Children will be able to join in & taste!

  • Cinema :
    Voyage au cœur du Chocolat  : A documentary made by Sophie Mitrani & Nicolas Ubelmann
    Chocolat : a film Lasse HallstrÖm with Juliette Binoche& Johnny Depp

  • Literary :
    Chocolat  : A British novel by Joanne Harris.
    La fée Chocolat by Irène Fraim in Jeunesse

Tuesday 27 April at 6.30pm 1 : Book signing with Pierre Bordage.  A SciFi writer S: Bob Morane, Absalon, l'Enjomineur, Les Guerriers du silence,..

Past Events :

Saturday 08 mars : 10h00 - 12h00 : Workshop SLAM with Sébastien Gavignet & Laurent Etienne.

2.30pm – 4pm : Conference : What is SLAM  ?

Story & films

Sébastien Gavignet  : Coordinator of « Printemps des

Poètes » in Reims 2008

Laurent Etienne  : Champion of France in Slam Poetry 2009, 1st album "Peut-être" ("Maybe") free MP3 download from theSite or CD Rom 8,50 € TTC including post.   and

LE SLAM : Verbal jousting which is a popular means of expression. Born in Chicago end of 80's. The inventor, Marc Kelly Smith , began organizing competitions in the pub: « Le Green Mill Tavern». The original show which started the movement was called "Uptown Poetry Slam". There were 3 parts to it, a musical part, a performance from the poets who were invited + a poetry tournament. Source Wikipedia

Marc Kelly Smith  :

All on The SLAM  :

Wednesday 27 January : Meeting & Signing with Bernard Friot

Bernard Friot : A Teacher and the director of the Bureau du livre de jeunesse in Francfort . Bernard Friot now writes full time and translates German books for children into French. He has written more the 40 books for children to teenagers, and he has translated about the same number.  He works with children; he gathers their stories and is inspired by them.  He wants to make reading pleasurable for everyone, including children who find it hard. He has written short stories which are 1 to 2 pages long, packed with emotion, action and feeling, and which will be interesting even for the most reluctant!  He is reminiscent of the documentary by Pierre Carles about Pierre Bourdieu : « la sociologie est un sport de combat »

24 February: Children as from 8 years of age. Poetry workshop.

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